Parents  night out

Parents' Night Out

July 7th, 2018

Parents, are your children driving you crazy? Does it seem like it’s been forever since you and your spouse had any time just for the two of you? If only there was a place they could go while you both could get a little peace and quiet and maybe even a date night in. Well, you’re in luck. Introducing Parents Night Out, a free childcare for ages 3 to 12 directly following the first Saturday Night service of the month. Children must be checked-in in time for Saturday night service at 6 pm. They will get worship and the lesson during service, and the fun will begin at 7 pm. There will be free dinner for your children, games, fun, and much more! All you have to do is register ahead of time by noon each Friday before and remember to pick your kids up by 9 pm. Reclaim date night and sign up today!

Tonight’s fun features:

Dinner - Chick-fil-A
Movie - Finding Dory

Baby dedication class image

Baby Dedication Class

July 8th, 2018

$0 - $25

This class explains the purpose for dedicating your baby to the Lord according to scripture and also the parents' role in creating a positive environment for the baby to develop and grow into all God has called him to be. The class also explains some key areas where parents can have the most impact on their baby's life.

Please be aware that parents must complete this class the week before having your baby dedicated.

Registration closes on July 5th @ noon.

Rtl 5.10.18

Water Baptism @ Oceanfront Park Beach

July 29th, 2018

So you've decided to follow Jesus! What's next?

There's nothing more important than making that initial decision to follow Jesus as Lord and Savior (Romans 10:9,10). It might seem a bit confusing, thinking about what your next step should be, as you grow in your relationship with your Savior. Be encouraged! It doesn't need to be confusing at all. Your next step in your life as a believer is to be baptized in water.

What is baptism and why is it so important?

The Bible teaches us that, apart from a person's initial acceptance of Jesus as Lord of their lives, that water baptism is vital in our growth as Christians. Jesus Himself was baptized in water (Luke 3:21) when He lived on earth and what better example do we have than Him? The water itself is not what is important; the symbolism of the water is what is important. When a person accepts Jesus and then goes on to be baptized in water, it signifies a death to the old way of life and embracing a new life and way of living in Christ (Acts 2:38).

The decision to be baptized must be one’s own; it’s too important not to be. As such, the gospel is communicated to adults, to children and youth in our church through specialized ministry. Youth and children under 16 who desire to be baptized will be ministered to by Pastors Sam and Amber Lopez, TCI’s Children’s and Youth Pastors. For this reason, we ask that each youth and child go through Sam and Amber Lopez’s ministry before making their very own decision to follow Jesus Christ.

Registration deadline is July 26th @11:30 pm

Meet and greet 01

Meet & Greet

September 9th, 2018

We would love for you to attend our next Meet & Greet which will be held at 12:30 pm on Sunday, September 9, 2018. This will be an informal gathering to meet Pastor Matt on a more personal level, an opportunity for you to learn about our Vision and direction as a church family, and even tour our amazing kids' facility called The Reef.